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When I was asked by the American Veterans Alliance to write content for their group of web addresses I found myself to be enthused and excited. An opportunity to work with an organization with a clear mission and the right people. What more can you ask?

I am a pro. I care about quality in what I write. I do my research. I check everything against other sources.

I found an amazing statistic. Apparently about 1 in 4 homeless men are Veterans. Twenty-three percent. I didn't believe it. After all, only 1 in 11 American men are Veterans. How could this be? I had to check further. The numbers couldn't be right.
After the in depth analysis that I, as a professional, felt was required I found that the figure was very reliable and actually considered conservative. The U.S.Census Bureau put it at thirty-one percent in 2010. I became concerned in a way that hadn't happened before. I wanted to know who was to blame.

The American Veterans Alliance gave me access to what they knew about it. From there I went to my V.A. counselor upstairs at patient education in my clinic and got what he knew. I learned a lot. I have the following to say.

It's not a question of blame but one of causality. Fault doesn't enter into it. For each and every Veteran, whether a Brother or Sister, the reason for homelessness is very individual. Not one size fits all. The only thing that is true for all of them is the tragedy. The only certainty is our commitment to never give up on the problem or to ever give up on the individual.

You see, causes can be as varied as a disability to the effects of our recent economic weaknesses. Individually it could be a cronic or temporary problem. The victims are increasingly our Sisters and often are the children of our Brothers and Sisters. Oftentimes the difference is a concerned family member or tragically, the lack of one.

Geography often plays a role. Employment and employability are often a factor. Psychological factors and substance abuse issues. It doesn't matter why. The mission remains the same. The problem will never go away in its totality. As long as there is war there will be Veterans.

The victory is to the individual. The individual that is no longer homeless. One Brother or Sister at a time. One Veterans family and the children at a time. One Veteran taking control of their PTSD. One Brother or Sister living sober in their home. One more Veteran in job training or even better, employed.

Everyone is redeemable. We won't stop until we try to find every single one. On this project we need your help.

If you would like to learn about the responsibility that The American Veterans Alliance has taken on with the partnership of both the Government and the Private Sector you are invited to read the attached "Guiding Documents".

As for my part. I know that everyone is redeemable. I will never give up on the individual.

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