Help Us End Homelessness!

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Veterans Home for Christmas CampaignIn these uncertain times, words and phrases like ‘terror’ and ‘violent protest’ flash across our television screens and create alerts on our phones, tablets and laptops. Yet, we sleep soundly in our beds knowing there are strong, brave men and women working to protect our nation and our freedom.

Americans who sacrifice everything to guard the comfort we feel and experience in our lives and homes. They deserve our sincerest thank you.

Yet, while we rest in our comfortable beds, there are over 60,000 homeless veterans in our country.

The Society of Hispanic Veterans and the American Veterans Alliance is working to ensure that during this holiday season we honor the sacrifices of all those who served…whether they served in a World War or are just returning from Operation Enduring Freedom.

None of our veterans should live unsheltered from the cold.

Would you help us provide a veteran a Home for Christmas?

We are asking partners to provide rooms for one or two nights for homeless veterans across America during the December holiday season.

In return for your tax-deductible donation, we will list you as a sponsor of the “Home for Christmas” campaign on all of our web based and print media, radio advertisements and the flyer inserted in the package of health and beauty goods we provide each veteran. Further, the Guide to Vet-Friendly Companies published by our organization will include your commitment and earn a higher rating – reaching the tens of thousands of veterans we represent.

Helping is easy! You can email promotional or discount codes and a letter expressing your company’s commitment on letterhead to You can also mail gift cards or vouchers along with a letter to the American Veterans Alliance.

We thank you in advance for providing shelter to those who served…


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  1. johnny says:

    when u see a vets say thank you for your service

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